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how to use williams peep sight The front sight is a 9/32" ramp sweated onto the barrel and fitted with an ivory bead. I have never used one before so any advice on this would be of help, and yes I wear glasses if that makes any difference in size of aperature, or where to mount it on the gun. I will be creating my own peep sight, but I would like to use the Williams peep sight mounting dimensions so that I can provide a relatively common mount. Good for plinking and hunting running rabbits. 3" length. Your eye doesn't try to focus on target, front and rear sight at once. i araldited it into the hole which is bigger than the pin. The 5D was short for five dollars which was the price of that series way back when. Visit AlchemyAirWerks ADJUSTABLE For CROSMAN 392 RIFLESThis upgrade rear sight is way to great sight onto your Benjamin 392 This sight for this application attaches rails already on fine have of personal 392's this I like much better than the sight. Features and Specifications: Manufacturer Number: 1481 Material: Light, Rustproof Aluminum Alloy Aperture size: 0. NECG offers Ghost Ring Peep sights for the CZ 527 and CZ 550 and a RUGER Ghost Ring peep sight for Ruger firearms with integral scope bases. After installing the sights I picked up the gun and looked at the sight picture. 45 Colt or . Williams Gun Sight ''wgrs'' Receiver Sights are better than These instructions outline the proper use and care for the Williams FP series rear peep sights. They are lightweight, strong and rustproof with positive windage and elevation locks. Peep Sight that was used on . i have just a few minutes ago fitted an arrester pin in the hole nearest the back of the gun as the sight was moving backwards towards the safety catch. 95 WILLIAMS GUN SIGHT FOR MARLIN 336 RIFLE PEEP SIGHT W/RED FIBER OPTIC FRONT SIGH US $39. I’ve experimented with rear sight distance and I think I shoot more accurately when I can see a small gap around the front globe and rear sight. INC Firesights . Williams Gun Sight Ruger 1022 Sight Set Ruger 1022 Peep Sight Set Gold is best in online store. Of the two, I far prefer the Lyman. Williams WGRS-336 Guide Receiver Peep Sights are compact low profile sights. Aperture sights, often called “peep” sights, gained wide usage in the nineteenth century. Choose a peep that's too small, and you won't have enough light coming through during dawn or dusk; choose one that's too big, and you'll hurt your accuracy. Dec 21, 2016 · The stock aperture with the Williams peep worked better for me than the stock irons, but the front sight was still not as sharp as I wanted it to be. The concept goes that the human eye will immediately jump out to and focus the front sight when looking through a very small, sometimes pinhole-sized, rear sight. The sight on the rifle you posted a picture of is a Lyman No. These are getting hard to find and make a huge difference in Aug 30, 2020 · My son and I have the popular williams peep, marble ramp, lyman globe, lee shaver insert set up. Adjust peep tang sight so that you are in the middle of the adjustment- windage and elevation. Why it Stands Out to Us. I will use the terms interchangeably herein for easier reading. 125″ apertures available on website. 60″ AND . Williams FP. It can be adjusted down to 100 yards. MagWedge Raveneye SKS Peep Sight is our answer to creating a decent set of iron sights for the SKS. hawken and I need some advise on what ones are the most used and best place to purchase one. Using this method may eliminate some guesswork in determining whether your existing front sight will work with your new rear sight, or help to choose the correct front sight to match up The Williams™ FP-Hawken Receiver Peep Sight is compatible with a front fiber optic fire sight. I remember being able to ring the gong repeatedly out at 500 yards. There are two kinds of sights on the rear sight leaf, the open and peep sight. 312", or. 050 Marbles tang peep sight - made to be mounted on the receiver tang, this sight is adjustable for both windage and elevation. May 21, 2020 · TX200 has a Williams 5d-gr, I think it is along with a Williams ramp sitting very high due to the low setting of the TX200 barrel. Now I Can't see well enough to take advantage of the Peep sight and have to switch back to a scope. I really like the sights but when they were centered, it shot about 1 and a half inches to the right. 95 $67. I think they are still the standard combat sight for US and other military and you have to qualify at 300 meters so accurate Merit Aperture for Eye Glasses. By using three points of reference rather than two you will shoot more accurately. « Reply #1 on: July 09, 2011, 07:34:52 PM ». ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ All Weather Notebook Militaria Ebay And Williams Rear Peep Sight Side Mount Ebay is best in online store. 5x - 5x Williams FP Receiver Sights have an internal micrometer for a click-at-a-time adjustment and are made from rust-free aluminum. 26" - . Just swing the rifle, put the deer on top of the post, and press the trigger. Just ran 2 quick mags through and it. We shoot tc pro hunter fx 50 cal muzzleloaders. Although more expensive than the Lyman, I wanted the ability to adjust windage without having to use a mallet and punch. OUT . #1418's for Sheridan/Benjamin. Now that your sight is installed here’s how to use the sight. Or on a peep sight the tip of the front sight will be centered in the peep circle. Comes with one 3/8" diameter knurled aperture with a . A peep sight is a simple part of one’s bow setup, yet its importance is often overlooked. A tang mounted peep, while it has the blurriest surround (outer edge of the peep opening) has the longest sight radius. Dec 30, 2007 · The peep is definitely easier to shoot than regular iron sights, but it still won't replace a scope, especially if you can't easily focus on the front bead. 66" length. I find that I enjoy plinking with the peep sights more than I do using the scopes. The rear peep sight is easy to see through and does a great job co-witnessing with the front. Small holes are fine for range work but I like larger ones for woods hunting. An aperture sight is simply a disc with a small, round hole that is used as a rear sight. I am looking for a peep sight Redfield re-24 or Williams WRGS 24 for my 22/410. 99 Williams Gun Sight SKS Rifle Fiber Optic Front Firesight $23. Sight in gun with factory sights to 100 yards 2. I have a Williams on a British Martini. I run same setup on win 88 lever gun. More tacticoolish. The Williams™ FP-Hawken metal peep sight is fabricated for use on the T/C® Hawken and Renegade rifles. Peep sights help me shoot a LOT better than I do with the standard open sights Can't use scopes on muzzle loaders here in Washington, not for deer or elk anyway. Of course the rear sight had been removed to accomidate the scope and now I'm looking for a peep sight to replace it. The ol' brain got to thinking a swivel stud could become a peep sight. It was listed as a factory accessory in the Blue Streak owner's manual. A Williams receiver sight, although made from aluminum, IS NOT a structural component. I think that there two potential problems when using peep sights. How fuzzy does the background become? Likely very fuzzy. This rifle had a scope attached but I wanted the kids to learn to use open sights first so I removed the scope. I want something that is reversible and will shrink my groups I have so far been considering the tech-sights, mojo rear peep, and williams fire sights front post and rear peep. It has a fiber optic front sight that’s just the right size for most applications. One thing to consider is the front sight size and shape. 70) $43. 79 List List Price $52. Item 23 - 2003 The “ EagleEye” Peep Sight drops into a wide variety of Williams Gun Sight Co. ( the screw in piece with hole you look thru). Aug 10, 2014 · I have Williams fool proof rear sights on a marlin 45-70 and win 94 in 30-30. Dual Range Sights 100 And 200 Yds. Nov 26, 2011 · I have Williams FP on my rifles that wear peep sights. Feb 26, 2012 · Wondering about my "fine tuning" of my Diana 34 . Far quicker and it is reliable. Manufacturer: williams gun sight specs: aluminum, black, anodized. May 16, 2012 · Just got a Williams peep sight for my 10/22 TD and tested it to see if it would hold zero with repeated take downs. 69 (Save $1. Dec 13, 2010 · Im thinking about putting a peep sight on my 50cal. Williams WGRS is my choice  I'd mounted a new Williams model FP-94/36 peep sight. My next rifle will have a scope, but I want to use a peep on  12 Jul 2020 The Beeman stamped peep sight is a Williams FP-AG. Rifle Remington 4, 7400, 6 & 7600, WGRS Receiver Peep Sight Alu Black, height and sides adjustable, fastening screws, Williams Gun Sight USA. I'd appreciate any help. 75 reading glasses, and without them, the front sight blurs some. A proper sight picture is the double check you have indeed mounted the gun properly in the pressure-filled moment of truth. Yes, it was a standard Williams rear sight adapted specifically for the Sheridan receiver. This Kensight M1 Carbine Rifle Rear Sight is Fully Adjustable for both Windage and Elevation, and is a modern-day recreation of the Original, WWII-Era Milled Adjustable Rear Sight that blends In most cases these sights utilize dovetail or existing screw holes on top of receiver to give guns the advantage of peep sights. 1941 94 carbine. It is perfectly fine. The peep sight features a natural anodized surface. Can still do OK with it. You would have to drop the rifle on the sight, or drop something very heavy on the sight to damage it, and a steel sight would suffer the same fate. Oct 17, 2017 · The Williams sight runs $35, the Lyman globe sight $40, Lee Shaver inserts $22, and the Marble Arms front ramp $12. I also got some TOUCH UP GUN BLUE a slight ding I put on the front sight dovetail (carelessness) and the orignal   At 50 measly yds I'd put the crosshairs right on the bull and was frickin 5" low. Stay safe. 45-70 Caliber w/ Factory Williams Peep Sight & Lyman Globe Front Sight ** MINTY ** SOLD Description: The H&R 1871 Buffalo Classic rifle is a top lever break-action single-shot rifle chambered in . It's designed for shotguns but it's fits the rear base with no problems. Also take a look at Skinner Sights to get a small, tough as nails  Nov 7, 2015 Williams Firesight--I'm on the fence about fiber optic sights. Holding the sight in place with a finger, turn the slide upside down. 22 Mar 2020 Timmy Bolduc explains his target set up for dialing in a peep sight. Peep height is approximately the same as a 3/16'' (4. If you're just planning on hunting with the bow, you can use a simple sight that should only set you back around $40. Neither open sights nor a peep sight adds much to the dimensions or weight of the rifle. Mar 06, 2011 · You need to move your eye as close to the peep sight as possible - then "weld" your cheek bone to your thumb. Peep Sights For Hunting Rifles Ó2007 Thomas J. The flat-top post was similar to the Lyman Sourdough style, if my memory is correct. Feb 02, 2004 · The Williams rear peep sight used to be called the "Five Dollar" sight because that was the price some 30-odd years ago. Williams™ Fire Sights gather ambient light and reflect it back to your eye, enabling faster target acquisition. |Shoot more accurately with Williams Gun Sight receiver sights and products. Simplicity and speed are the forté of the ghost ring peep sight – at least when it comes to non-optical, non-battery-dependent sights. ly/2Yh7YKoAmericas most  17 May 2018 It is the famous Williams S331. I ordered the Fire Sight I also tried to use it to adjust the elevation, but that is not as simple. Who better to ask advice from than you!!! Thanks jeff The FP series model GR Williams Peep Sight is for grooved recievers on airguns, and 22 rifles (low line of sight). Williams Gun Sight receiver sights for target and hunting all for Sale at Buffalo Arms Co. I initially had a FP-AG-TK rear sight. At the factory, Crosman/Benjamin pre-drills two holes on the side of the receiver, just behind the breech for the Williams(Crosman 64) peep sight. In my limited experience with them (mostly range work) I do fine at short ranges but  Jul 14, 2002 With a peep sight, the shooter looks at the front sight and the target. Riomouse911 , Mar 30, 2020 Nov 21, 2020 · Williams Peep Sight for your Sheridan & Benjamin 5mm/20 Cal. He had to send the front sight with barrel band to skinner to have it mounted. 4. Apply a removable Loctite (ex: Loctite 609) to the new front sight threads. 852. The perfect compliment to traditional Thompson Center™ rifles, the durable, low profile, rustproof peep sight is lightweight, yet built to stand up in the toughest weather conditions. fits Marlin 336, & Winchester 94 Rifles and Winchester 64! $60. Have you looked at Williams, Marble's, Redfield, et al. This is a very nice Williams adjustable elevation and windage peep sight that came off a marlin 22 rifle. SIGHT HEIGHT: . I think the last and only plastic peep I ever had to replace cost about seven bucks and change. I am restoring the seals in my Sheridan Blue Streak, and I would like to drill for a peep sight. I'd rather use the low mounts if at all possible. From the manufacturer. Models 44- 44 1/2 45 and others. Barely tho. Any how I did a test shot this morning and I concluded that the hight of the peep suits 34 panther but the peep slipped backwords. Great Mar 26, 2020 · I love peep sights. I think the sights on the HW50 are low. Aug 23, 2014 · Re: Zero a Williams peep sight on a lever gun You use the laser to get on paper and then you shoot to get your final zero. Following that comes the install of the front sight, which is a far less laborious proposition. Kensight Gun Sights are used as original equipment for many of today's top manufacturers. Fit The Rear DoveTail Of All Sako Rifles, Both Bolt And Lever Action. BDL models use Williams FP-740AP. The WGRS is an Aperture Sight that fits Thompson Center Arms Encore, Pro Hunter, Omega, and Impact. S. A ghost ring peep sight is comprised of two parts. Nov 25, 2017 · I went with the best of both worlds for my purposes,I use the Williams rear peep sight on my Chinese SKS and replaced the original front sight post with the Tech Sight front target post. The following illustration shows the normal sight when the peep sight is used. Concentrate on the front bead of the peep-sight system, bringing it into focus and centering it on your target. Ill get it on paper and post a few pics soon. Circular apertures simultaneously obscure less of the front sight post and target area in comparison to notches. Has anyone had experience with the Williams side-mounted aperture (peep) sight? Williams Peep Sights Description: Offered for sale the following peep sights: 1, Williams FP 71 ( NEW ) receiver sights with Target Knobs! Will fit Win. 50 cal muzzle loader. Vintage Williams 5D, 572 Receiver Peep Sight For Remington 552 BDL, 572, 572 BDL. A barrel mounted peep sight will not be as precise as a receiver or tang mounted peep, but it will surely give better accuracy for most shooters than will open rear sight. The apparent "rise" to the shots as distance increases is because the sights are above the axis of the bore. Oct 06, 2020 · Airguns of Arizona has two Williams peep sights. This product works perfectly for rifles like the Marlin 336. at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! Jun 11, 2018 · By "peep sight," I am assuming you mean an aperture sight (one with a hole in it. On a rifle that I used to own (stolen by burglars) I had the Williams Foolproof in the rear, and a wide flat-top post (similar to handgun sights) on the front. I have a Marble's tang peep on a Winchester 1873 that I absolutely love so I ordered one for the 336 Texan that I just got, but I'm not so sure. Apr 10, 2009 · Just bought a new Ruger Target model and wanted to install Williams peep sights on it as a souped up Appleseed rifle. The human eye will automatically center itself in the middle of the peep sight. Bullet impacts were 6 inches high at 50 yards with the sight all the way down. It is a simple matter to look through the hole and center the front sight on the target. It's great, love the sight picture and it shoots well. Remove front sight hood, remove screw, remove old post, insert new post, reinstall screw, replace hood. I suppose you could mount one in front but the hole would have to be quite large to be able to see anything Williams WGRS-70 Guide Receiver Peep Sight All Winchester Post War Model 70's, 670, 770 and A Bolt Aluminum Black Product Family #: 1005985233 Product #: 176796 Use the calculator below to find the height of the new front sight when changing to a new rear sight, using measurements from your old front and rear sights. These sights are extremely fun to shoot with and you can acquire and shoot your targets very quickly. Mar 19, 2018 · It’s much easier for the human eye to center a front sight post in the circular aperture of a peep sight than in a square or U-shaped notch. Perhaps some advice would be helpful? As is, I've nicely "butchered" the plastic front sight by cutting it down to counteract barrel droop and sighting issues with the Williams FP peep sight which was about to run out of elevation threading with the factory set front sight. Bow sights come in many styles and should be chosen to meet the preferences of the archer. Take the aperture out and shoot through the threads. 45-70 Government, with a 20" inch "carbine" length barrel or 32" inch rifle barrel. Neither is it fragile, nor prone to breakage. The FP is strong, rugged and dependable. * Fully adjustable Williams alloy fiber optic sight * Fits Traditions models with tapered barrels Jun 30, 2011 · I'm using the Williams Foolproof receiver sights on both of my Silhouette rifles, ( iron sights required), with the . Switched it out from a good old Weaver 2 1/2X scope. Williams 70019 Firesights Ruger 96/22 Peep Red FrontThe Williams sight uses a small diameter fiber optic rod held in a steel sight base, as opposed to the many Looking for recommendations on peep sights for the Marlin 336. Been fun shooting the rifles with open style sights. C $39. While globe sights are nothing new to muzzleloading, this sight is a new model that attaches directly to the barrel of modern inline muzzleloaders, without using any dovetail mounts or additional bases. 30 Aug 2018 In this segment, our Sight Tech Alex will go over our series of "Fool Williams Gun Sight Company WILLIAMS PEEP SIGHT RUGER 10-22. There's nothing primitive about the top quality iron sights you can get, nor the small amount of knowledge and skill it takes to get precise shot placement when using them. Wishing would have done a little more research but now we are 2 weeks out from elk season and can't get the sights to come up without running out of The whole thing. Suppose you choose to use the peep on the ladder sight. 79 $ 40 . I usually order a replacement sight very slightly on the higher side, to have a little to work with while zeroing - but the bead size and material is generally a shooter's preference. 165″ and comes with one . It is really a very simple device. Sep 8, 2015 Dear friends and fellow shooters! I just got a Williams FP-71 peep sight installed on my Winchester model 1895, after shooting the rifle at the  I use both peep and scopes of various rifles. I used to love using peep sights and have been planning to get a williams firesight or AO ghost ring setup, but am now thinking that having some more optical light gathering capability would be a good thing. I tried a tang sight and didn't really care for it. But to be honest I'm not sure of the mounting system I need for the RWS 48, or what type of peep sights will work on the gun. They make a sight for the 700, but i'm unclear of how it mounts. The top of the front sight and not the bull's-eye is focused in the center of the peep sight. Stanley from Williams Gun Sight Company provides Williams Firesights classic & fiber optic gun sights, Gunsmithing, New & Used Firearms, Indoor & Outdoor Shooting Ranges Apr 03, 2015 · Williams CZ peep sight. If someone has tested/used some good, rugged, longish eye-relief scopes in the 1. Our other apertures simply screw into an existing peep sight on your rifle. I'm really enjoying this rifle. Here’s the May 16, 2015 · Peep Sights. The peep will allow the lowest yardage settng possible. If my high school math serves me right, that’s $109, before tax. Williams and other companies used to make the correct top-mounted aperture sight for the Savage 24 but all have been discontinued, used models are hard to find. I've thought about D&T the receiver for a Williams peep (I happen to have one sittinin around too) and I know about the Steve's Guns/Skinner peep that goes into the safety hole on the bolt. The blue- black anodizing produces a long lasting no rust finish. * Fully adjustable Williams alloy fiber optic sight * Fits Traditions models with tapered barrels A peep sight is a small aperture inserted into your bowstring that offers you another anchor point to improve draw consistency and sight alignment. fiber optic sights for added flexibility. 10 Nov 2019 thread where he was selling a Williams peep sight and he mentioned I also just use it when sighting in and take it out when hunting. Better Sights - Muzzleloaders are often required by hunting regulations to use "primitive" sights. Williams WGRS-54 Peep Receiver Sight Aluminum Black 1481 Williams WGRS-54 Peep Receiver Sight Aluminum Blac Our Low Price $38. Or even what is a good brand of peep sight. Traditions low profile, compact peep sights allow for quick alignment and superior accuracy. Bert. These sights work well even up to 200 yards. Factory-drilled and tapped for easy installation. SPECIFICATIONS: Mfg Item Num: 70018 No real peep sights available out there. I have the Lyman sight, probably the 56, on the Low Wall that spent so much time behind the kitchen door. 185” center to center. the sight seems to be right on so far shooting steel with aguila super colibri's. Nov 08, 2016 · It combines features of the classic notched sight and the peep sight. What you do is position your eye so you look through the rear aperture or peephole. Merit Aperture for Peep Sights. The key has come with the Williams peep. Using a ghost ring / post front sight I can keep my shots on a tin can at 100 + yards with my old eyes. The FP is strong, rugged, and dependable. If you have a Williams you'll all know exactly what I mean. No. The proper alignment of the front and rear sights with the desired aiming point---where on the target you are pointing the weapon---is called the sight picture. Vintage Sako Factory Original, Small Aperture Peep Sights. The factory sights are also very slightly wider than the Williams sights, this causes a very slight variation left to right. But I'm a lil wary on that 1st. I am waiting for a Henry Mare's Leg that I ordered way too long ago. Edge sight AirForce produces this precision target peep sight for their Edge youth target rifle. USA product ID: 70200. Adding a scope or a fine peep sight may cost as much as the gun itself did originally. thanks for watching!!dont forget to rate comment and subscribe!!! thanks for watching!!dont forget to rate comment and subscribe!!! Lately I’ve been doing a lot of indoor 10m shooting due to the change in weather. The multitude of inserts are nearly as good as a peep sight. Dec 13, 2020 · Through the peep sight, you will identify the bullet holes on the target. Selling receiver sights, tang sights, target sights, front sights, rear barrel sights, soule vernier tang sights &amp; just about any sight for old, vintage, antique &amp; collectible firearms since 1990! Choosing the right peep sight can make or break your hunting setup when it comes to repeatable accuracy. Not bad, especially when you consider how much time and money you’ve likely invested in preference points and statewide draws to get that coveted muzzleloader tag. The new globe used in this sight setup is capable of mounting straight to the bore of inline muzzleloaders without the need for a dovetail adapter or base. Your eye automatically centers the front sight element because the brightest light is at the center of the peephole. 050" aperature. Early Model. Name: peep sight. With my old eyes, the square front post is always sharp & clear. It's nothing other than an old-school peep, the simple aperture that works all these tricks by taking advantage of your eye's desire to find the center of a circle. They work better on a rifle as a peep sight. My question(s) is: Have I  Jul 9, 2011 Re: Peep sight on muzzleloader. 350" (whatever) - from the top to the male dovetail bottom flat. Comes with two screws for mounting. I probably won't put open sights on my Marauder rifle or the Gauntlet, but never say never. and so far they can't help. Home in on your targets by replacing your air rifle's rear sight with this one from Williams. The target will also be somewhat out of focus. Matilde from USA asked: Can this Williams peep site be put on a crosman 2240 and pc77 pump gun that have a steel breech. I use a peep on all my M/L rifles. There are two varieties of sights on rifles: open sights and peep sights. Oct 19, 2012 · A lot of the older Williams/Lyman type sights added later to many old hunting rifles, are best used with the screw in aperture removed, and kust using the remaing threaded hole as a ghost ring. 30-30 bbl. I had to use a sight pusher to install the blade but I liked that fact because it gave me confidence that the blade was not going to move once I had it in place. You will have to raise the rear sight as high as you can. Telescopic sights, which put the target and aiming mark in a single sighting plane ,  Shooters who are accustomed to using peep sights -- and have their rifles properly sighted-in -- can accurately hit their targets at distances of up to 100 yards. Product Title Williams Mossberg 500 Red Green Shotgun Sight, Adjus Average rating: 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews Current Price $40. Focus on it. 080” rear sight with the small globe over post Weihrauch front insert. That Williams receiver sight is a far better choice on your rifle than some red dot that requires batteries, turning on etc. Shooting your bow without the use of a peep sight can take some getting used to however, the concept is very simple. Excellent Back-Up. Mar 07, 2020 · These peep sights are made up of premium-quality aluminum. A. Ive used blade fronts, bead fronts/ v notched, buckhorn, semi buckhorn and peep rears. Williams gun sights are used by professionals everywhere, and all their sights are proudly made in the U. Mark the holes-#009800 hole spacing is 2. just got one of and a truglo fore sight. Perhaps the most common example is the standard sight on an AR-15. Jan 07, 2011 · The front blade sight comes in two parts. The Williams box indicated that it was for the Winchester 86. 00 Shipped! 2. The first and only option I came up with was putting on a peep sight. Aug 31, 2019 · I replaced the rear peep sight on my 110 with a Williams Ghost ring sight that has a green fiber optic that gives you 2 dots on each side. Focus: Proper application of the peep sight is to ignore it and focus on the front sight, not the target. You use this by aligning the circles on the front and rear sights and placing the post in a six o’clock position on your target. These general instructions apply to nearly all FP models. P-rod included. from Brownells. 8mm) Open Sight Blade. In most cases the sight utilizes the existing screws on top of the receiver Note: Traditional open/round peep sight is . Oct 09, 2013 · As for the poster who stated that Williams peep sights were "Aluminum junk", he obviously has no experience with the quality of a Williams Peep sight. Pesonally, I would reccomend the ladder peep sight, even though there are other rear sight options on the laddder sight. How to Use Peep Sights. Oct 20, 2016 · I just had to comment here, although it's not a receiver or tang mounted peep sight, I just finished replacing the existing sights on my Savage 99 with a Skinner barrel mounted dovetail peep sight. . 093" Fully adjustable for windage and elevation Dec 06, 2016 · Hi all, this is my first post. 093" peep. May 24, 2013 · I just bought a 10/22 take down and installed Williams fire sights with WGRS rear peep. 1. On both I went with an adjustable rear aperture. Have used peep sights on a couple of different rifles for about 40 years. Sight in gun with factory sights to 100 yards. Features include 1/4 minute audible click micrometer adjustments for elevation and windage, quick-release slide, coin-slotted "stayset" knobs and two interchangeable aperture discs (large hunting aperture and small target Apr 13, 2012 · I drilled the hole for the peep about the same size as the stock apertures on Williams peep sights. Some are elvation only, some are elevation and windage adjustable. Williams peep sight (5D-AG, part No. 4 product ratings - WILLIAMS REAR DIOPTER PEEP SIGHT 5D-AG for 11 MM DOVETAIL for CROSMAN and others How to shoot without a Peep Sight. When using the peep, we are given certain visual enhancements… Let’s do a quick experiment. Based on my experience with peep sights, the Williams is a winner and MUCH more accurate than any open sight. i used the post that the open sights sit on, on the 99s. When I was younger I had an M1A National Match rifle with a rear adjustable peep sight. NECG is also a place to book your next African plains game hunt to the Eastern Cape of South Africa. Ive heard some guys are having luck with this sight. Raveneye is made of steel just like the original, and is correspondingly simple, rugged and easy to install/use. The Ace in the Hole is a standard Williams WGRS adjustable peep sight attached to a picatinny rail. Note: Buckhorn rear sight needs to be flipped down or tapped out to the left to be removed. Guess we'll see when I get to the range with it. Learning to use a peep sight is something every shooter should do. Jun 25, 2009 · >>How do I mount and use a "Williams" peep sight on my new Benjamin 392?<< Mounting the sight is very easy. Blades and beads are good ditto buckhorn and v notch for hunting where quickly sight The peeps sights that I have range from a sophisticated diopter sight with an internal lense and a selection of apertures to a couple of Beeman Sport aperture sights. Precision Machined And Beautifully Finished. So I assume that it should be the best suited key but it is not or may be the screws are poor. Nov 17, 2010 · Another type of sight is called a peep sight and is made of a little circle that you look through. here is a good article on shooting with peep sights / accuracy Precision With A Peep: Using an Aperture Sight | A Tale of Two Thirties Jim In target shooting with peep sights, greater and greater accuracy is possible by going with smaller and smaller apertures – holes – in the back sight. An aperture sight (aka peep sight), mounted as close to your eye as possible, removes a huge amount of aiming error by simply increasing the sight radius (the distance between front and rear sights). Williams and Lyman are both good. Internal micrometer adjustments with positive click adjustments. With this peep sight, you can amazingly increase your shooting accuracy. 2. 21 Jul 19, 2019 · Hey guys, I ordered a Williams legend peep sight and glove sight back in March but they still havent got it to me! Of course I drew a muzzleloader bull tag this year so I'm in need of a peep sight for my knight bighorn, if anyone has one they're willing to part with please let me know! Thanks! M1 Carbine Rifle Adjustable Precision Peep Kensight Rear Sight. I would have no qualm about shooting something real (rather than targets) at up to 75 yards or so. The alloy Jun 15, 2014 · Just installed the rear Williams sight and removed the peep aperture. 71, 86, 05, 07, 10, and Win 95 Lever action, and Browning Lever actions! $85. Jun 30, 2011 · I'm using the Williams Foolproof receiver sights on both of my Silhouette rifles, ( iron sights required), with the . This is for my son's rifle and he likes it more than a red dot. thanks for looking and good luck bidding. $95 00. Notes: Early model rifles will require a higher front sight. 095″ aperture screwed into the open peep spring hole, additional screw-in . Discount The front sight glows like a red dot and the rear peep site is simple to use, even for an older dude who needs reading glasses. 22 T06 Classic and the peep sight arrangement. I recommend that you try the rifle with the sight before you make a decision to change the sight. The knob has an L (Left) is the fixing knob used to scroll to the left and right. The new Western Precision Muzzleloader Sight setup is a rear Williams WGRS peep sight, with a front globe sight including 6 different crosshair inserts. This sight set is exactly what you’d expect from a peep sight. I have not tried the sight yet, as I've been working with my Scout scope. Moving to the next smallest aperture really sharpened up the front sight for me, but made it hard to see game in low light or low-contrast situations. There are literally pages of peep sights made for lever actions in Brownells, Midway, MidSouth Shooters Supply catalogs, among others. Williams Gun Sight Corporations receiver sight for military Mauser, Husqvarna, Weatherby Mark V, right & left, and BRNO without dovetailed receiver. I had a dovetail cut in the barrel. Both sights are taller. Usually its best to have 2 anchor points that you can hit every time you draw your bow. The takedown feature is very well done and easy to use. Jan 22, 2016 · I've ordered a RWS model 48, I'd like to mount a peep sight on it. Didn't even have to use the taller Williams front sight. Williams Peep Sight Apertures. boyce from USA asked: will this peep sight fit a Benjamin 392 manufactured approximately 20 or 25 years ago. 8mm) open sight blade. 00 Shipped 3. Rework is perhaps necessary - professional installation recommended! To use the sight, the post or bead is positioned both vertically and horizontally in the center of the rear sight notch. The took about 12 shots to adjust the peep on the Marlin to get her on center at 100yrds. The above illustration shows the correct alignment of the peep sight, front sight, and the bull's-eye. For a center hold, the front sight is positioned on the center of the target, bisecting the target vertically and horizontally. Tighten the two set screws that push the gib into the dovetail, followed by the flat head locking screw on the top of the sight. In Use, The Red Front Bead Is Very Visible, Even Against a Dark Yes, the original rear sight will need to be removed. I checked the selection at the local Cabela’s and the one peep sight they had was a Williams. peep sights simplify sight alignment by taking advantage of an automatic tendency for the eye to center an object- the front sight- inside a circular apeture. The Williams sight uses a small diameter fiber optic rod held in a steel sight base, as opposed to the many plastic bases on the market. I live next to Numrich/Gunparts Corp. with Soule and cross hairs for up to 1k yd stuff. If you don't have to move much for windage compensation you can tap the front sight a little and use the elevation only sight from Steve's that replaces the bolt mounted safety if you'd like. Hummm. The only one I have got them to work on is a 24" cva wolf. One is for low sights, and the other is for high sights. Archery expert Larry Wise shows explains how choose the right peep sight. 56W, not a Williams. Because of low line sights a higher front sight may be required. 3 Mounts to left side of receiver with a large coin slotted thumbscrew that doubles a elevation lock screw. Check out the links below:onX Maps:https://bit. 4 Mk. Using rifle sights correctly depends on two factors: sight alignment and aiming point. To get the group center, I had to move the rear sight almost all the way to the left side of sight. Williams 70019 Firesights Ruger 96/22 Peep Red FrontThe Williams sight uses a small diameter fiber optic rod held in a steel sight base, as opposed to the many Shop for Low Price Williams Dovetail Peep Sight And How To Setup Your Bow Sight On A Dovetail The . Jul 27, 2005 · Once you learn how to use them, peep sights are easier and faster to use than open sights. Feb 08, 2008 · The current version of the Williams 10/22 peep sight features a really big rear aperture, almost a "ghost ring" system, and the front sight has a fiber-optic bead that appears to glow. Includes 1 aperture, which has an outside diameter of 3/8″ and an inside diameter (peep size) of . This easy to use upgrade allows the shooter to intuitively center the front sight in the aperture, resulting in clear and faster front sight focus. jpg Views: 169 Size: 1. Aug 31, 2020 · The second issue is the securing screws for the horizontal adjustment of the peep sight. Aug 20, 2018 · Just as guns have rear sights, bows have peep sights. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Williams FP 03 Receiver PEEP Sight 1903 Springfield. Williams™ Sights do not use artificial light sources to create their sight visibility, making them legal to use in states that do not In addition to their line of regular muzzleloader peep sights, Williams also makes a novel product in the Ace in the Hole Picatinny Rail sight. 5. 79 All things being equal, a smaller aperture is more desirable for precision shooting. 3. Aug 18, 2020 · Buy the sight. I've heard with some scope mounts, the rr sight touches. I use 1. This sight has a large diameter aperture, to give an adequate sight picture with its forward mounted position, plus the aperture unit can be removed and the frame used as a Then one day while holding the rifle and pondering peep sights, I looked at the rifle's Uncle Mike's swivel stud saddle ring. I so far am shying away from the tech sights because I do not like removing them every time I clean. 150" Williams apertures I liked so well on hunting peep sights. Bow sights are available at sporting good stores and specialized archery supply outlets. close icon  16 Jan 2018 I'm about to order a new receiver peep sight for my ca. For a 6 o'clock hold, the front sight is positioned just below the target and centered horizontally. I tried to call Williams 5 times today, but couldn't get through. I'm using a low Weaver(using Leupold VX1 2x7 28 Rimfire) and it barely touches. The front sight may be a post or a bead. The peep sight comes with latex tubing, cable anchor, and complete easy-to-follow instructions. Plus you don't need any more holes, it's already on there. With the peep sight, the line of sight is determined by the center of the peep and the top of the front sight. I had a chance to try this system out a few times at the range prior to publication of this book and am totally hooked. BASES PISTOL CALIBER RIFLES: 3. The height of sighting plane in relation to the gun is basically the same as the factory SKS sights, maybe a little lower. Started "dinking" w/ the Williams rear peep and couldn't figure out if  Use of the Williams Shorty or Streamlined ramp and a Williams beaded front sight should solve any of these problems. Sep 29, 2020 · WILLIAMS GUN SIGHT CO. I still have one on my H&R single shot . Also, aiming error from rear sight light reflection is virtually eliminated with an aperture sight so that the angle of the sun will not change your point of impact. I don't want it to impact the wood as well. Williams didn't build there peep sights with enough vertical elevation for longer barreled muzzleloaders. This particular model fits Traditions and CVA models with straight, non-tapered barrels. Nov 19, 2004 · aren't what they used to be in dim light. The rail and base of the peep sight are made of a single piece of metal and attach using 4 scews that co-locate with the scope base mounting holes on the rifle, holding it very secure. They literally get down to a pinhole-sized – or smaller - opening through which to see your target. The smaller apertures are primarily target type sights, and not the best choice for a working type gun. The front sight is made to fill the space between the sides of the rear sight. Mar 16, 2019 · These adjustable rear peep sights rarely ever go bad and Since they are made of plastic, if you do have replace them they are very inexpensive. The Williams FP receiver sight is clearly among the very best conventional (not optical) sights on the market. These compact low profile sights are lightweight, strong and rustproof with positive windage and elevation locks. These peep sights gather and amplify light so they are great for use in all light conditions. Peep sights are extremely fast to use, especially on moving targets, because you don’t focus on the rear sight. 405 below. Plus a couple different diopters. With all three I still use factory front sights. For a receiver mounted sight, a slightly larger aperture in a standard peep serves me well when it gets dim (I have lever guns mounting Lyman or Williams sights). I just got the dovetail barrel-mounted peep sight and a new front sight (blade, Patridge-style) today in the mail. How They Work: The Merit Optical Attachment sticks securely to your glasses with a small suction cup. Apr 15, 2004 i have the tc omega and would like to put the williams rear peep sight you dont need to drill any holes go to there web sight and take a look at  Aug 15, 2009 I thought no gunsmith work was necessary but I can find no way of installing the sight without drilling and tapping. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Williams FP-340 Full Proof Receiver Peep Sight for Savage Rifles at Amazon. Merit Aperture for AR15 A2. The alloy used to manufacture this sight has a tensile strength … Read more "Williams FP-GR 2 sight mp7 sight 551 sight rds sight rmr sight time sight holo sight sti sights gun sights nyc sights Williams Full Proof Peep Sight FP-88 for Marlin 56, 57, 62, 99 69. Sep 21, 2007 · peep sights simplify sight alignment by taking advantage of an automatic tendency for the eye to center an object- the front sight- inside a circular apeture. 31" length. Some even use a full buckhorn sight with a bead front sight and use the buckhorn like a peep. Place peep tang sight on tang so that when looking through peep sight aperture, all sights are in alignment. Peep height is approximately the same as a 3⁄16" (4. Spencer from USA: No, but there is one that will. The biggest key to shooting without the use of a peep sight is your anchor point(s). 99. The human eye, whether or not prescription glasses are required, cannot focus on both sights and the target at the same time. I discovered that Williams Peep sight for the 10/22 about 30yrs ago. Little to no wear signs and includes the 2 mounting screws. great combination and a lot of fun. 21 $ 52 . If I had my druthers I'd have a lyman target type sight and pull out the aperture for 90% of my shooting. 50 shot group The BX-25 mags functioned perfectly with Federal Bulk ammo. Click to Enlarge #1 . This is a funny way to think of it because it really just means "No Scopes". Tang Peep Sight Installation 1. Is there The Lyman sight uses coin slot knobs which can be adjusted using a flint rock if necessary. Shop for Best Price Williams Ghost Ring Peep Sights Muzzle Loaders Com And Xs How To Zero Your Shotgun Ghost Ring Sights . com. Combining their famous adjustable rear peep sight assembly with the glowing affects of the high contrast fiber optic front sight make these sights a Join now. I don't know if they have a open blade version of the WGRS-54 but that little sight would sure work well if you wanted to build a carbine The Precision Muzzleloading Sight set includes a Williams WGRS rear peep sight, with a new front globe sight. However, a small aperture positioned close to the eye will greatly reduce peripheral vision in hunting situations. 36" works with factory front sights (using set screw) CLOVERLEAF SPRING: 2. The sight slides into the standard rear sight dovetail and is held in place by two set screws. Bring your eye to the peep sight, allowing the edges of the aperture to blur. So, the type of sighting equipment used depends on the type of shooting you will do and the level of accuracy you wish to achieve. What makes these peep sights different? The peep sight has been mired in compromise and this sight looks to stop that. The Williams Sight Uses a Small Diameter Fiber Optic Rod Held In a Steel Sight Base, as Opposed To The Many Plastic Bases On The Market. Jan 05, 2013 · Thank you for the detailed write-up. Jan 29, 2020 · Peep sight definition is - a rear sight for a gun having an adjustable metal piece pierced with a small hole to peep through in aiming. So I feel that I would have to replace the grub screws with allen head screws. The sight is marked with white tick marks for easy adjustments of both windage and elevation. At ranges of up to 100 yards, I shoot my Swede with a Williams peep sight as  Apr 10, 2011 What are the pros/cons of going to a peep sight like the Williams Do what has been said above; use a front square post and a large aperture. 49 Williams Gun Sight Ace In The Hole Picatinny Scope Rail w/ Fiber Optic Front Sight For Marlin 336 (1) $67. Easy drop-in installation and instinctive sight centering. Strong and compact with a low profile, the peep sights allow for quick alignment and superior accuracy. Not a big issue and as yet not one that I have bothered addressing. ) Those are usually located towards the rear of the receiver as close to the eye as possible, not in front where the open rear sight is. here is a good article on shooting with peep sights / accuracy Precision With A Peep: Using an Aperture Sight | A Tale of Two Thirties Jim Williams FP 88/100 Receiver/Peep Sight Used. As with previous peep sights, The FP rear sight cut my 100 yard group size about in half compared to the open rear sight with which the Browning was equipped by the factory. First screw the ramp/dovetail to the barrel using your rifle’s sight mounting holes, then tap the blade into the dovetail. 70809) Fits 11mm dovetails; Windage and elevation adjustments; Useful for airguns and rimfires with a high line of sight Buy Tactical Solutions Llc Buckmark Extended Magazine Release And Ruger American Rimfire Williams Peep Sights Tactical Solutions Llc Buckmark Extended Magazine Air Venturi Williams 64 Peep Sight Williams Peep Sight for Benjamin Sheridan multi-pump rifles manufactured in the last 5 years. Sep 15, 2016 · The 57 sight is designed to mount on round receivers, such as Mauser rifles and many popular American bolt action rifles. When you have a bullet hole in the pipe, you turn the center adjusting knob on the tube: there is the U-shaped knob (stands for Up) is the adjusting knob used to move up and down. However you choose to describe them, you ought to consider trying one on your hunting rifle. Even with them, you will always be more accurate with as solid a rest as you can find handy, especially for shooting longer distances. More than a couple of mm's either way and you foul the screw head and have to remove it and replace it in the next taped hole. As a ghost ring sight, I love it. Place the sight into the sight well in the slide, such that the exposed fiber optic end is facing the shooter. All done. You only look through the aperture and put the bead on the target so focusing on two objects. The rear fiber optic sight can not be lowered enough to give me the same sight picture and it has taken a while to get used to the new one. It's adjustable for windage and elevation, with set screws to secure the adjustment from moving. 79 get low cost} prices Williams Peep Sight Savage 99 And Trim Pro 3 Way Cutter now. I have an HW50 stainless look with synthetic stock, and I am happy with the sights that came on it. If your hold is correct - you won't even notice the ring of the peeper - you need only to concentrate on the front blade - your eye naturally centers in the peep. No, a peep sight is not truly necessary in order to operate a bow, but it does make it significantly easier to operate one. How much accuracy difference between a ghost ring and peep sight for those that have had both? I use the Williams “twilight” peep appeture. I used the tall Lyman front sight, . Is there a decent peep that will bolt onto the rear scope mount holes? I don't want to drill any new holes. Adjusting. Feb 22, 2015 · Basically speaking, peep sights work through a theory called parallax suppression (for an excellent 23-page explanation of just what this is). Williams 5D-94/36 Receiver Peep Sight Winchester Top Eject 94, 64, 9422, Marlin 36, 336, 1894 (Pre 2001) and 1895 (Pre 1994) Aluminum Black. In most cases, these sights utilize dovetail or existing screw holes on top of receiver to give guns the advantage of peep sights. No batteries to change either. . Williams Gun Sight still offers them for sale. Being the FP series it is the"Foolproof" model meaning the windage and elevation adjustments are screw adjust rather than slide adjust as in the Williams 5D series. In use, the red front bead is very visible, even against a dark background. And the peep is good and close to your eye. They are plenty accurate enough for bush and general shooting. Use of the Williams Shorty or Streamlined ramp and a Williams beaded front sight should solve any of these problems. Just unscrew the insert and you have a ghost ring sight, put the inner back in and you"re good for 250-300 yards depending on eye sight. This super sight exists, though it has been nudged aside lately by red-dots, reflex sights, and low-mag riflescopes. Shop for Best Price Williams Peep Sight For Thompson Center Hawken And 1911 With Reflex Sights . But the Lyman sight is probably of 1950s vintage and the Williams is from the 1990s. Each rear sight will have a coordinating front sight. Hold out your finger at arms length. Williams Peep Sight for Benjamin manufactured in 5 tapped for Comes for mounting. BASES BIG BORES 30-30/45-70, 38-55: 3. Easy installation No drilling or tapping required* Manufacturer’s Description Internal micrometer adjustments have positive internal locks. Feb 17, 2009 · I just bought the kids a Marlin 39 lever action. * Fully adjustable Williams alloy fiber optic sight * Fits Traditions models with tapered barrels USA product ID: 70200. I'm leaning towards the Williams Fool Proof (FP). But, I can turn the end bell and lockring. If you like the reliability of an old-school peep sight with rubber tubing, it doesn’t get better than the Allen Automatic Peep Sight. It has been designed to be functional and to suit your rifle and will look like it belongs when mounted on your SKS. I DO not like Skinner sights. In most cases the sight utilizes the dovetail or existing screws on top of the receiver for installation. The base on the sight is wider than the tang itself. More importantly, the set includes top-quality and brand new peep sights. Even then I bet it'll shoot low at 100 yards. Air Rifle. 83 QuickView Traditions low profile, compact peep sights allow for quick alignment and superior accuracy. If I never adjusted my sights, it would be a 5D or a Skinner. check price Williams Peep Sight Adjustment And Beretta Dt10 Trident For Enter a Price range-check. Designed with bowhunters in mind, this large aperture angled peep sight aligns easily and reliably every time. 16 Aug 2007 There were about fifteen other shooters, and I noticed they were all using scopes. These are the most suitable for compound bow sight. Adjusts for I have the Lyman sight, probably the 56, on the Low Wall that spent so much time behind the kitchen door. I've thought for years that I ought to put a Williams peep sight on my traditional Thompson-Center . Feb 14, 2014 · The Skinner noted by Neuman, Williams also makes a Guide sight that is a peep and fits in the rear dovetail replacing the leaf sight. Mar 09, 2014 · A barrel mounted peep, while it looks clearer to most eyes, has a shorter sight radius (many of these are called ghost ring because a clear definition of the peep sight itself becomes a blurry "ghost ring". I have had a Williams peep with target adjust knobs mounted to my Marlin 1895XLR since the day I purchased the rifle. The purpose of a peep sight is to properly align the bow’s front sight, in the same way that a rear sight is used to align the front sight bead on a rifle. 093″. Dec 04, 2011 · Peep sights started really catching on in the 1860s back in Henry days and today still provide the target and hunting community a faster and more precise option for a rear sight. They Are Compact And Adjustable. There is no other way. I have a 16in Rossi 92 in 357mag. Measure your current front sight blade height to the nearest thousandths, say. This is a discussion on Williams CZ peep sight within the Range Reports forums, part of the Gunner Forum category; Had such good luck using a Williams CZ peep sight on our 455 Lux, couple weeks, back, that I decided to add one to our Exact same process as I used on my Marlin 336 (same Williams peep but for the Marlin) 2 weeks ago. Jun 30, 2014 · The peep sight improves accuracy and adjustment precision and is much easier for older eyes than open sights. H&R 1871 Buffalo Classic Rifle in . SKINNER PEEP SIGHTS TO THE RESCUE Skinner makes some of the best durable period fitting dovetail and screw mounted Peep Sights available anywhere. The Williams peep sights were usually added by the owner. a Wide Range Of Stevens Rifles. When the leaf sight is folded down, then you are using the battle sight. I would like to keep my Hawkens traditional but if my eyes will not let me shoot the open sights anymore, I am going to do something to be able to keep shooting the gun short of putting a laser on it. Yes, when I first saw those Crosman custom pistols I thought the Williams FP-GR open blade sights looked really cluncky. Diegoli aka “Versifier” Call them what you will: peep sights, receiver sights, or aperture sights. The Eagle Eye Peep Sight drops into a wide variety of Williams Gun Sight Co. The “EagleEye”-Peep Sight for Williams Fire Sights is anodized matte black, to absorb light and reduce glare. You'll see in this pic that one of my rifles that  17 Dec 2018 Williams peep sights. Mfg: Williams Gun Sight SPECS: Aluminum black anodized. When at full draw, you align the peep sight, the fore-sight pin, and the target. To swing peep sight out of way, loosen the elevation locking screw and turn peep sight until cross arm is parallel to barrel and then tighten elevation locking screw. Oct 10, 2012 · A lot of the older Williams/Lyman type sights added later to many old hunting rifles, are best used with the screw in aperture removed, and kust using the remaing threaded hole as a ghost ring. in order to work. Most times the shipping cost more than the replacement part. Fully adjustable Williams alloy fiber optic sight. A ghost ring sight uses a very thin ring at the rear sight that  Order BLUE LOCKTITE to use on the screws. These Fire Sights are designed for the shooter who demands more in a peep sight. See Williams Foolproof on 1895 . The hole through it was about the same diameter as the . It features an angled design. The reason being I tend to switch out ammo and play around with different loads and the ease of adjustment makes them perfect for that need. or Best Offer. Item Apr 10, 2013 · He installed a Williams peep on it then found that he needed a taller front sight which he got from Skinner. 52 MB anyone use/d these? Any good? Would you recommend the std aperture  Recently there has been a fair amount of interest in peep sights and bell using my HW99 with Williams rear peep sight and globe front sight  14 Feb 2020 williams_western-precision-muzzleloading-peep-sight-globe-sight- all requiring muzzleloading hunters to use open sights, this new sight set  By continuing to use our site, you accept our use of cookies. Williams Gun Sight Ruger 22mag American WGRS Fire Sight Peep Set $45. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. In short, the Ace in the Hole is designed to be mounted using the existing holes drilled in many muzzleloaders for scope rings and provides a combination of a quality peep sight and a Picatinny Rail. Williams Peep Sights For Marlin 336 . If I decide to put a peep sight on it I think I will go with Skinner for both front and back. Excellent condition. I use those on my lighter powered HW30's. It's the only precision  5 Nov 2013 To test this, I mounted first a Williams receiver sight and then a 6X Leupold Peep sights won't work on every action, and in my hunting-rifle  The aperture sight is not as common today on hunting rifles as it once was. I’m using the Williams . The old V-notch open rear sight would be impossible for me. Not a target aperture or a ghost ring, in the middle. how to use williams peep sight

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